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Craig Kirby

Dancer & Asst. Rehearsal Director

Craig is a Brooklyn, New York native who was partially raised in Raleigh, North Carolina where he began his training with Tyrone Short at SPARC Academy. While attending Millbrook High School he joined Precision Dance Company under Kate Oliver when he was 16. He has performed In Pieces of Gold, Sparkcon, & Raw Artists Talent Exhibition. In 2015, Craig began college at Howard University’s dance program and has been training under the instruction of Royce Zackery and Jocelyn Isaacs. He joined BREathe Dance Project in 2017 after performing in the 13th Awakening by Bre Seals for the TedX Foggy Bottom in Metamorphosis Panel and How We Got To Now for ICONS Choreographic Showcase and is now the company’s rehearsal director. Craig has performed in pieces composed by The Seldoms, Baba Assane Konte, Mia Hisaka, Edward Franklin, and the tribute show for Louis Johnson. He intends to dance and bring that expression everywhere he goes and through all his artistic endeavors.


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