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Bre Seals

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Bre articulates her feeling of service to the community through choreographed dancing, colorful depictions of artistry, and her spirit of joy through movement. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, she has studied ballet, modern, and contemporary. By age 18, she graduated from Tri Cities Visual Performing Arts Magnet High School and still finds herself eager to learn, evolve, and become a well-rounded choreographer. Receiving her academic dance training at the California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, California) from 2011- 2012, Howard University (Washington D.C.), 2013-2015, and The International Consortium of Advancement in Choreography (Washington D.C.)  2017-2018; she’s been granted unique opportunities to work, choreograph, and train with various international and renowned choreographers. Motivated to tell stories from her own lens and dance style, in 2013, The BREathe Dance Project was founded as a professional dance company. As an Artistic Director, Bre finds true hope and purpose in producing her own works, as it serves as a testimony and lesson to others. Expressing from the heart, the soul, and peace of artistic clarity, she is able to convey pleasure through her work as an artist, and as a woman of color who experiences synesthesia. As she embraces the ability to associate movement and sound with color, Bre is giving the opportunity to share her unique ability of experiencing the sensation of colors in a way that only her choreography can express

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