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Bre Seals

Artistic Director & Choreographer

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Bre Seals continued her pursuit of Dance by studying at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California and Howard University in Washington D.C.  Through her studies of ballet, modern, and contemporary, Bre was motivated to tell stories through her own lens and unique dance style known as Sealsism.  Thus, BREathe Dance Project was founded in 2013 as a professional dance company and platform to serve as a living testimony for the Black artistic community.  Her most recent presentations as Artistic Director of BREathe Dance Project have been The Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage in 2020, New Releases Commission at Dance Place in 2019, Leap Without Limits produced solely by BREathe Dance Project in 2019.


Sealsism, the trademarked technique that Bre Seals has created and utilizes in her choreographic works, is heavily influenced by her identity as a Black woman who experiences synesthesia.  As a woman of color, who neurologically also experiences the world around through her senses, she is able to associate movement with sound and color in a way that expresses her heart, soul, and artistic clarity.  The joy of movement is felt through the colorful depictions of artistry and the resounding voice of untold stories from the Black community.


Seals’ involvement in the DC dance community has brought many meaningful opportunities such as her completion of the International Consortium of Advancement in Choreography in 2018.  In addition, BREathe Dance Project was featured in the International Association of Blacks in Dance Festival and Conference performance in 2018 and was named a 2021 recipient of the Maryland State Arts Council grant.  Bre has also been featured in the Bounce. Pivot. Reach. issue of Black Dance Magazine (Spring/Summer 2021).

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