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a collective that aims to incite hope and give dance a breath of fresh air.



Happy 10th Anniversary to BREathe Dance Project! 

Tues, Jan 3rd 2023!

Donate to our 10 BREaths Campaign 

or text "10BREATHS" to 53555


BREathe Dance Project is a dance company that thrives on vibrant movement style, passion, and a tenacity for equality in the arts. Founded in January 2013, the repertoire is a reflection of founder Bre Seals’ natural movement style, and radiates the type of positive energy it aims to generate throughout the community. BDP strives to be more than a group of artists; we strive to be a collective that incites hope and gives dance a breath of fresh air. Our goal is to carry audiences through a journey of personal reflection and self-expression. BDP takes its audiences on an emotional yet intellectual excursion that celebrates the human experience, and supports and nurtures the connectivity between life and dance.

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